Keynote Speaker: Dr. Frank I. Luntz


The Words that Work: It's not what you say, it's what people hear

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Frank I. Luntz

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  • Focus on Results
  • A Communications Partnership
  • Instant Response, focus group technique
  • Americas hottest pollster
  • Vociferous public opinion expert

Dr. Frank Luntz unique blend of expertise in both strategic communications and market research allows him to devise the most effective, game-changing messaging solutions.

He tests and refines these messages with the very people you want to reach.

Whether it’s a communications crisis, a product launch, sales challenge, regulatory issue, marketing strategy, legal argument, media assault, or other communications challenge, he stands ready to provide solutions that work.

And thanks to his political roots, he applys the speed and pragmatism of political strategists to generate powerful results in the corporate world.

There are nearly 100 specific words and phrases that can make a real, measurable difference in politics, business, and public communication.

These are truly the words that really work among the very best:
"Imagine" is still the most powerful word in the English language because it is inspiring, motivating, and has a unique definition for each person.

"No excuses."

Of all the messages used by America's business and political elite, no phrase better conveys accountability, responsibility and transparency. In the workplace, this is the single best phrase to employ to get a raise and a promotion.

"The simple truth" comes straight from billionaire businessman, and using it almost always guarantees winning a debate between friends, colleagues and opponents alike.

"Believe in better" comes from Murdoch's Newscorp empire and it applies to politics, business and day-to-day life because it is a call for situational and generational improvement.

"Uncompromising integrity."

Of all the truthiness words, none is as powerful as "integrity," but in today's cynical environment, even that's not enough. People also need to feel that your integrity is absolute.

"You decide." No, this is not paying homage to Fox News. The lesson is that Americans want control of their lives back and they don't want Washington or Wall Street making their decisions for them.

"You deserve."

This comes from DNC Chairman and it tells voters exactly what they should expect from their politicians and their government.

"Let's get to work" was employed by Governor Scott in his successful campaign. No other end-of-speech rallying cry is more motivational to more people.

There are almost 50 "lessons" to show you how these principles can be put into action—and the consequences when they are ignored.

Frank is packed with significant takeaways and eye-opening insights including:
The specific rules for when you want to break the rules
The nine essential questions winners ask themselves every day
The most passionate taglines and advertising slogans ever
The ten political rules for next year: what Americans really want to hear from their leaders

Books by Frank Luntz , including:

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