Keynote Speaker: Greg Schwem


Comedy about Your Business

Keynote Speaker: Greg Schwem

Program Titles

  • Rock, Roll & Laugh Your Way To the Top
  • Eight Simple Rules for Survival
  • Text Me If You're Breathing: A Father's hilarious observations on raising children in a high-tech world
  • Master of ceremonies & awards host: Humor has made him a sought after master of ceremonies.
  • King of the hill in the world of corporate comedy
  • Comedy With a Byte

Greg Schwem delivers with hilarious observations about your company and your industry.

Comedy With a Byte takes a light-hearted look at the way business is conducted today and the latest technologies we cannot do without.

Fortune 500 companies, charity foundations and professional associations all have laughed along as Greg pokes good-natured fun at the corporate cultures we deal with every day.

University graduate with a degree in journalism. He has carved out a niche in the corporate comedy field, making business audiences laugh.

He performs for many Fortune 500 companies.

Comedian Greg Schwem presents his wholesome brand of stand-up corporate comedy to dozens of business audiences around the country every year.

A veteran emcee, stand-up comic, and business satirist, he focuses his keen powers of observation on the absurdities of everyday life - especially those that dominate the workplace.

Particularly adept at satirizing technology-related issues, he fills his presentations with jokes about such matters as technical support lines, "frequently" asked questions, AFEs (Acronyms For Everything), cell phone addiction, e-commerce, and that annoying employee who always sends two-word e-mails.

Greg Schwem’s clean "business humor" is appropriate for a variety of corporate events, from sales meetings to award dinners.

He also pokes fun at general business topics such as Blackberry abuse, social network overload, never-ending conference calls, “frequently” asked questions, and text messaging addiction.

Greg has appeared on numerous national television shows and opened concerts for the likes of Jay Leno, Celine Dion and Julio Iglesias.

His comedy bits about business and technology can also be heard regularly on SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

Clients have included Microsoft, Cisco, General Motors, IBM, United Airlines and McDonald’s, Motorola, IBM, Wall Street Financial Group, Ernst & Young, and Radio Shack.

Books by Greg Schwem, including:

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