Keynote Speaker: Courtney Dale


Make your website sell - Attract customers who are ready to buy

Keynote Speaker: Courtney Dale

Program Titles

  • Make your business visible in every stage of the buying cycle
  • Capitalizing on hot leads when prospects are action-ready

Courtney Dale: People search differently when they are ready to make a purchase versus when they are just researching.

Make your business visible in every stage of the buying cycle, however capitalizing on hot leads when prospects are action-ready is critical for driving more sales through your website.

Here are some examples of hot-lead keyphrases:

Best dog groomers in Atlanta
Top ten Spas
Most durable toilet brush brand

Be specific, to identify leaders in a category.

People want the best that they can afford, so when they are looking online they are using search engines to show them the sure thing.

Your reputation with these keyphrases are valuable to optimize.

Follow these steps to entice Big-Spenders :

Focusing on your top selling (or most expensive) products and services
Optimize for additional products and services and open up new revenue streams than you had before!

Are you just an "electric company", or do you offer electrical inspections for both residential and commercial buildings?

There may be many areas for optimization that you have not yet considered.

The use of specific long-tail keyphrases. Research and consider what your target market is typing into search engines before they buy your product.

What would you search?

Are your keyphrases aligned with their questions, problems, and solution finding needs?

Long tail keyphrases are easier to rank for because they are more specific.

She is not suggesting you optimize for a paragraph... for best results, keep it to about 4 to 5 words.

What's in a name?

Use the right words. Always do extensive testing to make sure that the phrases you want to optimize for receive regular traffic or you'll be sharing your message with one search engine alone.

Low traffic keyphrases aren't always the enemy.
Sometimes, very niche keyphrases are a blessing because they don't have as much competition but will still perform for you.

For example, if there are 50 searches a month for a very specific keyphrase that brings you 30 leads per month, than it's usually worth targeting. The nice thing about these is that ranking number 1 on the first page of a search engine doesn't take very long because you are not facing the same level of competition.

It's a win/win/win!

Include local keyphrases for several "local" areas.
Just because you are located in Tampa, doesn't mean you can't optimize for Orlando too. Consider your neighboring towns.

People who look to purchase locally won't hesitate to drive at least 30 minutes for a product or service they feel is better than the one down the street. Don't sell yourself too short!

These keyphrases can be a gold mine.

Avoid setting unrealistic goals: high search volume phrases with high competition. These keyphrases are truely the diamonds and sparkle at you with their 500,000+ monthly search volumes.

They are tempting. However, unless you are able to take on the large multi-nationals that hold first page results for these and have for the last 5 years, consider focusing on more niche phrases.

These diamonds can make or break a marketing campaign either draining a budget entirely, or delivering tens of thousands of leads per month. They are high risk. You do want them, but be prepared to spend.

Hot versus cold keyhprases: see examples of hot keyphrases above.
A smart strategy would optimize you for hot and cold keyphrases so that your products and services can be considered by your customers through the research phase, right up to point of purchase. If you are on a bit of a budget however, and would like to save some money, invest in Hot Keyphrases and watch your ROI soar.

New to Market Product / Service?
Beat your competition to the punch, get to search engine first.

Ask yourself, how would you search?

If you are offering a new style of product or service you may not be able to research search traffic volumes, but use your intuition.

It is much harder to pass the leader than it is to hold the lead.

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