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Keynote Speaker: Roger Louis Rodd

Program Titles

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention from a males prospective
  • Gambling-America's Silent Epidemic
  • Roast, Host, M/C
  • Blue Lives Matter Comedy

Roger Louis Rodd is a former police officer, with a unique backstory. He is the host and creator of the Blue Lives Matter Comedy Tour.

Far from just another comedy show, it employs laughter to humanize and heal today’s all too prevalent hatred and prejudicial judgments.

Sexual Harassment Prevention for employees conjoined with increased training for management.

Gambling Addiction, a silent but eminent social malady.

He is an outstanding "stand - up" comic, & M/C.

Roger’s decision to leave law enforcement has blossomed into an impressive film and TV resume as both an actor, comedian, M/C and lecturer.

His back ground spans from roles as an action adventure hero, to performing as a comedian on the precarious stage of The Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Program/s: Sexual Harassment Prevention programs defines and directs what is expected in today's workplace for both employees and management.

Your employees are educated on specified behavioral boundaries, mandated conduct, along with an informed course of action when victimized.

In addition to a reiteration of the employee's lecture material, the management's lecture will focus upon prevention through competent and vigorous supervision.

The benefit of the program in terms of comprehension and potential legal defense will supersede the standard efforts of Human Resources.

There simply is not a more effective conveyance of any material, particularly one whose topic carries such a sensitive and potentially inflammatory nature.

Gambling Addiction-America's Silent Epidemic: Since the nexus of TV poker and the internet, the once leisure time activity of gambling, has societal escalated into nearly an epidemic status.

Addictive gambling has quietly become the number one problem on college campuses-over alcohol and drugs.

Rodd began playing poker professionally at Stanford, where his scholarship was not inclusive of room and board.

Simply stated, it was win or don't eat.

The necessity of navigating the countless mine fields of that industry, while maintaining a winner's status, is a rarity.

For all but a few, it is a veritable impossibility.

During the speaker's years as a professional poker player, the general conception of that occupation, was steeped in ridicule and false perceptions.

Now with it's equally false appearance of simplicity, combined with a ubiquitous availability, it has become a tragic endeavor for far too many.

Casinos were once only a rare vacation stop in Las Vegas. They are now either in every city and state in the country, or no more than a short drive away.

The insidious nature of a gambling addiction, epitomizes equal opportunity. It can and does strike in every campus, workplace, and household.

The tragic effect upon its casualties, can rival or surpass that of any drug or alcohol addiction.

In addition to his gambling resume, this unique speaker is also a former police officer, whose presentation is laced with the humorous skills of a working stand-up comedian.

His non pontificating message of both admonishment and gambling's disparity of appearance versus reality, will be sure to engage and elucidate your audience.

Roast, Host, M.C. Roger Rodd as a performer has appeared nationally and internationally on the stand-up comedy circuit, as both a comic and host. He has roasted celebrities, and was a member of the now defunct Friars Club Of Beverly Hills.

His stand-up set earned him a standing ovation at the infamous Apollo Theater in New York. That performance subsequently led to several urban film and television castings as both a comedian and an actor.

His most recent acting credit, is for the lead role of "Joseph" in "THE MOJAVE SISTERS", that is currently on Amazon Prime.

Not just a film and TV actor, his critically acclaimed solo show "FOOTSTEPS", is now a screenplay that is currently under consideration.

He is also presently, the creator, producer, and headlining performer of "The Blue Lives Matter Comedy Tour.” The tour consists of eight current or former police officers, who are also comedians.

The tour has had several dates in different states, with several more on the horizon.

He also continues to travel abroad to perform for the troops and frequently appears in front of our veterans.

As a Host/MC, he recognizes the objective is to make the show succeed and be impressive.

His roast material is always based upon the desires of those who book the occasion.

His material can range from clean to adult, but with certainty it will be humorous and not mean spirited. Roasting is all about laughing with and not at the person of the hour.

TV appearances including Showtime’s comedy special:

Co Star "The Mojave Sisters"
Showtime “White Boyz in the Hood”,
HBO “Bad Boys of Comedy”,
TV1 “Who’s Got Jokes?”,
BET's "Comic view.”

Books by Roger Rodd include:
•The Sexual Harassment Prevention: Employee Manual
•The Sexual Harassment Prevention: Management Manual

Books by Roger Rodd, including:

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