Keynote Speaker: Harry Freedman


Give your people a laugh-fest: Comedienne - Put-ons

Keynote Speaker: Harry Freedman

Program Titles

  • Harry Freedman - The Nation's Misleading Expert: Instead of The Nation's Leading Expert
  • Lying For Laughs: Serious About Being Funny
  • Emcee: Stand up Comedy - Humorous inspiration with no message whatsoever
  • Indo-China Expert / Political / Frugal Economist
  • Yucca Nuclear / Insurance Fraud
  • Customized: Corporate Put-ons: Corporate Comedy Put-Ons
  • Comedy / Roasts / Toasts
  • The Gold Standard In Corporate Comedy Put-Ons
  • Very Entertaining - Putin
  • When You Want Your Meeting To Have Entertainment With No Message Whatsoever

Harry Freedman, Imposter expert, gives your people a laugh-fest they will love and thank you.

Harry Freedman will create the perfect fake industry expert for any group that has everyone fooled until they are roaring with laughter!

With decades of professional comedy experience, from the clubs of Las Vegas to the corporate boardroom, Harry Freedman is a comic you can trust.

Harry will create for you the deliciously elievable "imposter/expert" of your choice that will have everyone completely fooled until they are roaring with laughter!

Harry Freedman has performed for numerous Fortune 500 companies and has been profiled in the business section of The New York Times, International Herald Tribune and Miami Herald.

Harry has performed hilarious customized put-ons for hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies, and has also appeared as anything from a White House Economic Advisor to a Sports Fitness Doctor on dozens of tv and radio shows.

As a stand-up comedian he has regularly performed on national TV and has written for Comedy Hour and Showtime Specials.

"Harry Freedman was a fantastic addition and to our annual client meeting. Our guests were amazed by his ability to incorporate many intricate details about our industry and our company into his comedy routine.

His "put-on" format was the perfect way to add some spice and a bit of levity to our program.

His performance kept everyone who attended on their toes and engaged for the rest of the day."

Hosni Mubarak, "funny man"
Putin, "entertaining"
Uday, "he killed me"

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