Keynote Speaker: Larry Chase


One of the original pioneers to open up shop on the Internet

Keynote Speaker: Larry Chase

Program Titles

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Internet Style
  • Using the Net to Work Faster, Cheaper, Smarter
  • Direct Marketing, Internet Style
  • Internet Marketing i.e. Direct Marketing
  • Increasing Productivity with the Internet
  • Prospecting for New Business on the Net
  • How to Survive: How to Thrive on the Net
  • Direct Marketing and Sales Support

Larry Chase is one of the original pioneers to open up shop on the Internet way back in 1993. Use the Net to Make Your Company Run Faster, Cheaper, Smarter, Generate Instant Inbound Leads on the Internet, Prospecting for New Business on the Net.

you're a direct marketer. Every time you ask for a sale, a job, a signed contract, or to start a new relationship, you are seeking a response. Direct marketing (DM) always includes a call to action. Since the Internet is interactive, that call to action can be answered in seconds or minutes, rather than in weeks or months, as is the case in traditional DM. Understanding and adopting classic DM practices is critical to mounting a successful marketing campaign on the Net. Knowing where traditional DM stops - and where the new practices begin - will be your edge.

The news media seeks him out regularly for his insights into the Internet. Business Week, The New York Times, USA Today, Inc. Magazine, CBS, CNBC, CNN, and scores of trade magazines and newsletters either quote him, or they syndicate his columns and reviews.

Direct Marketing Association, Fidelity Investments, Electrolux, American Society of Travel Agents, Nationwide Insurance, National Leasing, Dutch Marketing Society...

Books by Larry Chase, including:

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