Keynote Speaker: Brenda Abdilla


Sales Matters: experience in the health and fitness industry

Keynote Speaker: Brenda Abdilla

Program Titles

  • Mind Your Own Business
  • Selling for Results: The Health Club's Guide to Professional Selling

Brenda Abdilla products in the marketplace is how the sales team handles product sales.

Consumers are becoming much more sophisticated in their ability to discern a straightforward, up-front information exchange and a typical sales "pitch."

Brenda Abdilla experience in the health and fitness industry has worked with clubs worldwide in the areas of sales, marketing and management.

Relationships with members.

The top sales reps of the future might actually have fewer clients in their database, but they will have a deeper and wider relationship with those clients.

It will not seem at all unusual for a member who joined with a particular rep to hear from them twice a month or more. They will come to count on the calls about club health fairs, parties, events, special screenings and, of course, the latest referral programs.

Members and prospects will also receive personal notes, health-related articles and networking opportunities from their favorite rep at the club, and will reward that rep with all of their personal and business referrals.

Get an "education." The rep of the future will make a point to know all of the latest information on the subjects that directly influence the success of their members and prospects.

Knowledge of facts on topics such as stress management, weight loss, exercise adherence, arthritis, diabetes and osteoporosis will become increasingly important in the sales process.

Quoting facts to help someone make an informed decision.

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