Keynote Speaker: Julie Alexander


Julie Alexander's fresh perspective for life & work

Keynote Speaker: Julie Alexander

Program Titles

  • Live It Up! Simple Solutions for More Great Days
  • Focus on developing great people for great results
  • Great Days at Work: Maximizing Workplace Morale
  • Attitude, cooperation, enthusiasm, & responsibility
  • Add Energy, Enthusiasm & Enjoyment to Your Life & Make Life Count!
  • Boost morale & people who want to make every day a great one
  • Make your workplace a Great Place to work!
  • Inspire, encourage, & motivate yourself & your team
  • Develop strategic plans for goal achievement
  • Living Well: Winning the Battle over Fat, Fatigue & Frazzle

Julie Alexander, focusing on Cooperation, Attitude, Responsibility, and Enthusiasm, as her programs provide the skills and knowledge to boost morale, build relationships, and create a fresh perspective on life and work.

Provides audiences with the skills and knowledge they need to boost personal and workplace morale. Julie’s programs energize, engage, entertain, and equip!

When employees are engaged in and enthusiastic about their work, productivity soars, turnover declines, customer care improves, conflict decreases, stress is reduced, fun increases, absenteeism goes down, laughter goes up, and everyone wins!

Learn how to have more great days on and off the job.

Julie H. Alexander will help you to build better relationships both on and off the job and gives you a fresh perspective for life and work.

Her customized programs are based on four cornerstones:


Julie speaks for both corporations and associations and can present a keynote, a break-out session, and a spouse or partners program at the same meeting - so you get more for your money.

Books by Julie Alexander, including:

Audio/Video by Julie Alexander include:

  • More Great Days: Inspiration and Ideas to Energize and Enrich Your Life

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