Keynote Speaker: Michael S. Ammann


Internet, online trading, technology, change and the future

Keynote Speaker: Michael S. Ammann

Program Titles

  • 4 Steps to Daytrading, Everything You Need to Know About Trading Online.
  • The Convergence of Living, Learning and Working in the New Millennium - Ten Technologies That Will Impact the Way You Live Your Life.
  • How to Use the Internet in Your Daily Life - Networking, Researching & Publishing on the Internet.

Michael S. Ammann gives a detailed overview of all the benefits that the participants could gain through Internet. Highlights the reasons why more than 50 million people are using the Internet for information sharing. The participants are exposed to all the tools on the Internet and how to use them. By the end of the program, the participants will be able to create web Pages and publish them on the Web in addition to learning how to become an Internet Service Provider, Web Site Designer, Web Site Provider, and Web Programmer. Mr. Ammann works with the faculty, researchers and students in marketing and licensing intellectual property, assisting with start-up companies based on technology and assists in development of research collaborations with industry mainly through the development of interdisciplinary research centers.

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