Keynote Speaker: Carlos Conejo


Carlos Conejo will help you increase your bottom line!: Selling & Marketing to Multicultural Customers

Keynote Speaker: Carlos Conejo

Program Titles

  • Tapping the Burgeoning U.S. Hispanic Market: Recruiting & Retaining Multicultural Employees
  • Emerging U.S. Multicultural Markets: The Power of Working Together
  • Workforce Transformatiion
  • Closing More Sales: marketing & or product management
  • Establishing Effective Strategic Alliances
  • Managing Multiple Projects to Meet Deadlines
  • Accelerating Transition in the Workplace
  • Workforce and Organizational Development
  • How to Supervise People
  • Motivating Hispanic Employees: Lean Enterprise, especially Lean Office

Carlos Conejo has had a lifetime of selling and can custom design performance and sales training to help you increase your bottom line! Carlos Conejo, “The Bilingual Dynamo,” is an expert on the rapidly-growing multicultural marketplace.

He assists organizations through this evolutionary change by developing sound strategies for penetrating and growing these multicultural markets. Carlos shows organizations how these transformational changes can be used as a competitive weapon in an ever-increasing global society.

He conducts major work in the areas of economic development, lean manufacturing, and workforce development, in either English or Spanish. Carlos has been featured on numerous national television and radio shows. Workforce and organizational development, specializing in multicultural workforce, but not necessarily. This includes managemnet, leadership, supervisory and customer service.

The real benefit is reduced costs, more productivity and ultimately a happier customer through increased quality assurance!

Books by Carlos Conejo, including:

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