Keynote Speaker: Joseph A. Guertin


How to REALLY maximize Time, Territory and Motivation

Keynote Speaker: Joseph A. Guertin

Program Titles

  • How to Penetrate Key Accounts and Expand your Circle of Influence
  • Strategies for becoming a Valued Resource to Customers and Prospects
  • The Global to guess what's up next?
  • Three National Trends That Will Make You Stronger
  • Building a Fool-Proof Action Plan that Guarantees Your Success
  • Selling in Turbulent Times

Joseph A. Guertin knows about challenges and works with you or your company. He makes painstaking efforts to guarantee not just a return on your investment, but lasting, long-term success.

He knows that CHANGING TOXIC HABITS and INSTILLING NEW SKILLS AND A FRESH MINDSET is what sales training and consulting is all about!

Here are just a few of our most popular and effective sales training topic modules:

Managing the Madness

Could your team profit from stronger organization skills?
Do paperwork and last-minute emergencies take away too much selling time?
There IS a cure.
This topic helps design strategies for prioritization, dealing with daily obstacles and getting the job done & without going crazy!


Long-term success in sales is the direct result of having a multi-tiered system of lead generation. In Professional Prospecting, we'll work to create a custom, industry-specific strategy, including networking, head-on referrals and online to create a continuous flow of qualified prospects.

How to Think Like Your Customer

One of today's greatest challenges is the need to CONNECT with customers and prospects on the same level at which they thick and act. In this session we'll cover specific strategies for gaining an understanding of a customer's market and learn to understand individual fears, needs and goals.

Creating Customer Intimacy

Yet few are able to get the pulse of exactly what 'customer intimacy really is!

We'll cover the secrets of making 'stronger' connections with customers, including the right questions to ask, finding their Total Service Quotient and more.

Group Dynamics and Decision-Makers

Whether it's municipalities of commercial boards, the greatest challenge is pleasing everyone (or as many as possible) in the group. In this session, we'll cover group dynamics and powerful methods of uncovering needs, fears and goals and how to use a structured approach to make sure they're being addressed.

Topics will include the DISCĀ© Personality Analysis, how to 'work the room' and build trust and rapport across different styles and agendas.

Making Stronger Presentations

Whether it's to one person or a group, presentations and proposals that are compelling and speak to their wants, needs and fears win their approval more often. We'll combine the team's expertise with additional strategies (in preparation, practice, participation and partnership) that create greater impact.

Closing the Sale

Obviously, old-fashioned, arm-twisting is useless. Today, a professional who can lead the process is always 'closing,' and tends to bring more projects to a successful start. We'll share success stories, then mind-map what happens to make them successful.

Managing Time Balance

He will get specific with real-life time-usage issues. His goal is to overcome one of today's greatest roadblocks....provide extreme service on existing projects, follow-through after projects, AND develop new business.

Networking! The Breakfasts of Champions

There are a lot of different definitions and perceptions of networking, and none of them are wrong. Some are just far more effective. This workshop will include new ideas and proven strategies for maximizing that time invested

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