Keynote Speaker: Ronald S. Purcell, B.Comm, M.B.A.


Getting A Edge On the 21st Century

Keynote Speaker: Ronald S. Purcell, B.Comm, M.B.A.

Program Titles

  • Participative Planning
  • Fostering the Innovative Spirit

Ronald S. Purcell, B.Comm, M.B.A., a business strategist specializing in Marketing and Strategic Planning. He has introduced over 50 new products to the marketplace and is a specialist in competitive intelligence and future trend tracking and analysis, using these tools in his work in marketing and strategic planning.

He possess a unique mix of experience and expertise, Ronald combines his senior general and marketing management experience with extensive facilitation, education, and training experience to help his clients identify and implement NEW SOLUTIONS and REVITALIZE existing operations.

In addition to the TREND TRACKER Decision Planning Process, and marketing and strategic,

Ron provides programs in Participative Planning, Fostering the Innovative Spirit and Getting A Edge On the 21st Century

Books by Ronald Purcell, including:

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