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John Amatt

John Amatt

Mountain Climbing: Straight to the top and beyond

  • Mountain Climbing - One Step Beyond
  • Straight to the top and beyond
  • Rediscovering the adventure attitude
Stephen L. Arrington

Stephen L. Arrington

Steve uses adventure to challenge youths to pursue life enhancing goals

  • Challenge youths to pursue life enhancing goals that can only be achieved through right choices & a commitment to excellence
  • Steve led the most extensive great white shark research project ever launched.
  • Extreme: On Living in the Intensity of the Moment
Eric Attwell

Eric Attwell

Through Africa and Europe by bicycle

  • The Road to London: Over 11,000 kilometres
  • Reaching the End of the Road to London
Michael Bane

Michael Bane

Over the Edge: A Regular Guy's Odyssey in Extreme Sports

  • On Fear Strategies for Scary Times
  • Over the Edge: Principles
  • Diving on the Edge: A Unique Guide for New Divers
Alex Bell

Alex Bell

Adventure - Motivational: Reality TV: Survivor 6

  • Thrive, Not Just Survive
  • Making Healthy Life Decisions & Goal Setting
  • Drug & alcohol prevention / education
David Breashears

David Breashears

Leadership In An Unpredictable World

  • IMAX film shot on Mount Everest
  • Climate Change Evident Even on Everest
  • Infamous blizzard to hit Mount Everest
Dan Buettner

Dan Buettner

3 time Guiness World Record Holder and world renowned explorer.

  • Leading Your Team in the Real World
  • Journey to a Winning Goal Setting Strategy
  • Unraveling the World's Greatest Mysteries
Laurie Dexter

Laurie Dexter

Arctic and Antarctic cultural, wildlife and historical topics

  • Polar Bridge (Account of joint Soviet-Canadian expedition that skied from Russia to Canada in 91 days
  • Exploring the Limits: A Life-time of Extreme Expeditions and Ultra-Distance Running
  • Fitness is Fun
Steve Donahue

Steve Donahue

Heart-stopping tales from his desert odyssey: sharing humor and wisdom from his desert odyssey

  • Soulful yet practical, it presents the desert as a metaphorical place of change
  • Sahara Desert adventurer, author, drummer, storyteller
James Michael Dorsey

James Michael Dorsey

The worlds most remote indigenous cultures: Adventure - Exploration

  • Blue Men of the Sahara
  • The Dogon People of Mali, Africa
  • Guests of the Maasai

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