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Per Ariansen

Per Ariansen

Questions of responsibility to future generations

  • Environmental philosophy
  • The moral standing of non-humans
  • Philosophical Reflections
Simon R. R. Atkins, M.B.A., Ph.D., DSc (AM)

Simon R. R. Atkins, M.B.A., Ph.D., DSc (AM)

Environmental risk management: Global climate change specialist

  • Communication: Collision course with mother nature
  • Environmental risk management
  • Planetary risk management
Robert U. Ayres, Ph.D.

Robert U. Ayres, Ph.D.

Envi­ron­mental Economics, to Eco-restructuring.

  • Indus­trial Metabolisms and Industrial Ecology
  • Economic Assumption in Need of Renovation
  • Technological Forecasting and Social Change
Thomas W. Barwin

Thomas W. Barwin

He is credited with reviving a declining inner ring suburb to a vibrant community with above average increases in property values, a bustling downtown and increasing recreational, cultural and entertainment activities for residents and visitors alike.

  • Futurist / Forecaster
  • He helped craft a new public policy agenda for older suburbs titled Valuing America’s First Suburbs.
  • Transforming the aging, inner-ring suburb into what many now call Fashionable.
Daniel P. Beard

Daniel P. Beard

Government - Bureau of Reclamation

  • Urban renewal planning
  • Environmental policy study
Alan Bell

Alan Bell

Toxic Avenger

  • Environmental Illness / Injury
  • Green Building.
  • How to create a healthy home
Jim Bell

Jim Bell

Ecology: We can create social, intellectual and material wealth

  • Eco-nomic Sustainability and Improving Your Bottom Line
  • Creating Sustainable Economies
  • Toward a Sustainable Future, The Roles of Society
Willy Bierter, Ph.D.

Willy Bierter, Ph.D.

Conceptualizing and implementing innovation strategies, managing complex innovation projects, (eco)design of systems, processes

  • Independent scientist in the fields of economics, environ-ment, energy, technology and work
  • Environmental science
  • Climate, Environment and Energy
Karlyn Grace Black, Ph.D.

Karlyn Grace Black, Ph.D.

There are few things more valuable than the Power to Communicate

  • The politically challenging and emotionally charged environmental arena.
  • Particulate Matter Air Quality Specialist
  • Environmental Health and Safety
Garth W. Boyd, Ph.D.

Garth W. Boyd, Ph.D.

Encourage rural economic development, improve ranch and farm income, and reduce green house gas emissions.

  • Centralized System for Gasification
  • Environmental Technology
  • Garth works with agribusiness and food companies on carbon strategy, carbon assessment, carbon life cycle analysis of products and carbon asset development from qualifying projects

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