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Paul Collier, Ph.D.

Paul Collier, Ph.D.

World's leading experts on developing markets, within the poorest countries

  • Businesses and organizations concerned with emerging markets
  • Wars, Guns and Votes: Democracy in Dangerous Places
  • The Plundered Planet: How to reconcile prosperity with nature
Tom Faranda, M.B.A., Ph.D.(abd)

Tom Faranda, M.B.A., Ph.D.(abd)

Global Trends, Realities & Strategies: Impact on Your Bottom Line

  • Global Realities – The Next Ten Years
  • American Realities – The Next Ten Years
  • BRIC Realities – The Next Ten Years: (BRIC = Brazil, Russia, India, China)
Medard Gabel

Medard Gabel

Energy, Earth, and Everyone: A Global Energy Strategy for Spaceship Earth

  • Energy, Earth and Everyone
  • Ho-Ping: Food for Everyone
  • Empty Bread Basket
Dr. Kenneth H. Killen, C.P.M.

Dr. Kenneth H. Killen, C.P.M.

Negotiating In a Global Environment: What You Need To Know

  • Raise the issue of cultural context as it relates to global business negotiations
  • International Supply Management: Supply Chain Management
  • Leadership That Succeeds
Iris M. Mack, Ph.D., E.M.B.A.

Iris M. Mack, Ph.D., E.M.B.A.

Risk Management: High Frequency Trading, Risk Management, Mathematics Edutainment, Financial Literacy, High Frequency Trading

  • Dr. Iris Mack on Energy Derivatives in the Oil, Natural Gas & Power Markets
  • Engergy Trading & Risk Management
  • One of the Top 50 Minority Women in Science & Engineering
Vikram Mansharamani, Ph.D., M.S.

Vikram Mansharamani, Ph.D., M.S.

Bubbles – unsustainable scenarios – occur more than ever in the global environment

  • What’s the next boom-bust scenario going to be – China? Energy? Education? Food? Healthcare?
  • Recognize bubbles & understand where they are in their lifecycle so they can take action
  • Boom-Bust Dynamics - Boombustology: Spotting Bubbles Before They Burst
Chris Meyer, M.B.A.

Chris Meyer, M.B.A.

Standing On The Sun: The Evolving Nature of Capitalism

  • How The Explosion of Capitalism Abroad Will Change Business Everywhere
Dambisa Moyo, Ph.D.

Dambisa Moyo, Ph.D.

Geopolitics of Emerging Markets & the Global Economy

  • Innovative ways for Africa to finance development including trade with China, accessing the capital markets, and microfinance
  • Eloquent & informed thinkers about the geopolitics of emerging markets.
  • Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa
David Nour, M.B.A.

David Nour, M.B.A.

Relationship Economics®: Connecting the Dots

  • Power and Promise of Social Networking at Work
  • Adaptive Innovation™ Adaptable Business Models for Changing Market Demands
  • How to Thrive Amidst Mediocrity
Sung Won Sohn, Ph.D.

Sung Won Sohn, Ph.D.

Renowned Economist Dr. Sung Won Sohn: The Most Accurate US Economist

  • US & global economic outlook
  • International trade & global competition
  • Financial market outlook including stock & bond markets

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