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Roberta Altman

Roberta Altman

Waking Up, Fighting Back: Every Woman's Handbook for Preventing Cancer: More Than 100 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Risk

  • The Politics of Breast Cancer
  • Cancer Dictionary for the lay person
  • The Complete Book of Home Environmental Hazards.
Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong

The Lance Armstrong Performance Program: Seven Weeks to the Perfect Ride

  • Lance’s complete recovery from cancer seemed miraculous
  • Every Second Counts
  • Cancer Survivor, Six-Time Tour de France Champion
Thomas Michael Bay, Ph.D.

Thomas Michael Bay, Ph.D.

Change Your Attitude

  • Creating Success One Thought at a Time
  • Look Within or Do Without
  • Successful people have 13 things in common
Scott Burton

Scott Burton

World-class juggling, award-winning comedy and more excitement and passion for living than you may be used to in a keynote speaker.

  • Scott's high-energy and life affirming show describing his cancer survivorship is unlike anything you've seen.
  • Playful comedy: Worked with Jay Leno & Jerry Seinfeld and written for prime-time television
  • Whether you're establishing new clients or energizing your sales force, launching a new product or just want some clean hold-your-sides funny comedy, high-energy and interactive show
Joseph A. Caruso

Joseph A. Caruso

Interaction and communication: Develop Leadership, Strategy, & Optimize Growth

  • The Power of Losing Control
  • Leading in a Sea of Change: Riding the Waves, or Sucking the Surf?
  • The Quintessential Process: Achieving Goals in Any Market Conditions
Diane Lane Chambers

Diane Lane Chambers

Nationally certified as a sign language interpreter

  • Provides sign language interpretation for a wide array of settings including health care, business, education, and government.
  • A breast cancer survivor and advocate
  • She gives presentations for newly diagnosed women with Breast Cancer
Lenor Madruga Chappell

Lenor Madruga Chappell

A victorious story is an inspiration to the millions of amputees throughout the world, & all who face physical or emotional trauma

  • Approach to life's challenges
  • One Step at A Time
  • She discovered a hard lump in her groin & subsequently underwent a hemipelvectomy: removal of her left leg & hip
Christine Clifford

Christine Clifford

Persuasion: From Industry Leading Salesperson to Cancer Survivor

  • Let’s Close a Deal! Turn Contacts into Paying Customers
  • Humorous Cancer Survivor: Health / Humor Laughter Therapeutic
  • Marketing / Sales: Lead Management, Negotiation

Charles "Chuck" J. Cote'

How to turn obstacles into opportunities!

  • Goal Setting
  • Expect the Best!
  • You Make A Difference!
Mack Dryden

Mack Dryden

Laugh to the Top: Motivational Humorist and Emcee

  • Laugh to the Top: A hilarious guide to achieving your goals
  • Perfect Host
  • Managing Transition with a Chuckle

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