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Linda V. Allred, CHt.

Linda V. Allred, CHt.

Hypnosis and, developing a healthy lifestyle can help you.

  • Therapeutic: Developing a healthy lifestyle can help you.
  • Dental Phobia
  • Eliminating Insomnia
Richard Barker

Richard Barker

The Incredible Hypnotist Richard Barker

  • Comedy stage hypnosis
  • Stage hypnotist
  • Hypnotherapy
Beverly Bryan, R.N.

Beverly Bryan, R.N.

Hypnosis Makes it Easy To Stop Smoking

  • Stop Smoking Hypnosis: 95% Stop In One Hour
  • Fear that you won't be able to enjoy life or handle stress
  • Why People Don't Stop Smoking
Ava Cadell, Ph.D.

Ava Cadell, Ph.D.

Board certified clinical Sexologist & Hypnotherapist

  • 12 Steps to Everlasting Love
  • The Secrets of Seduction
  • The Art of Erotica Dialogue
Dorothy Campbell, M.Ed., CI

Dorothy Campbell, M.Ed., CI

Self Discovery to Bring Balance, Harmony & Peace into Your Life

  • Empowerment: Tuning Into Your Intuition - Introduction to Dowsing
  • Guiding You on a Journey of Self Discovery
  • Hypnosis is a powerful tool to achieve success, happiness, good health & positive energy in your life.
Irene E. Conlan, RN, Ph.D.

Irene E. Conlan, RN, Ph.D.

From providing only hypnotherapy to providing classes and ministerial services

  • She is dedicated to help you find your joy - in your life and in who you are.
  • Performance Enhancement
  • The PowerZone enables you to break free and DO IT NOW!
Cathy Dana, MS, CHT, CMT

Cathy Dana, MS, CHT, CMT

A firewalking hypnotherapist with a black belt in aikido

  • How to Win the Inner Game of Anything
  • How to Move through Stuck Places
  • Cathy introduces you to the most powerful ally you’ll ever have–your unconscious mind
Michael Djavahery, Ph.D.

Michael Djavahery, Ph.D.

Experience the Power of Your Mind: Exhilarating Hypnosis and Magic

  • Successful in using hypnosis as a tool to intensify rapid change and promote growth in individuals
  • Advanced Instructor of Hypnosis:
  • Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking
Bob Faith

Bob Faith

America's Hottest Hypnotist: Comedian

  • Hypnotherapy: Certified
  • Hilarious Entertainment
  • He has also worked extensively to help people with weight and smoking problems.
Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Reincarnation, Alternative Medicine, Hypnotherapy, Empowerment

  • Soul Healing - Heal Yourself by Raising Your Consciousness thru self-hypnosis
  • Slow down the aging process by
  • Empowerment through past life regression and future life progression hypnotherapy

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