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Marilyn Appelbaum, Ph.D.

Marilyn Appelbaum, Ph.D.

Children are the future of the world: How to Talk to Kids So They Will Listen

  • A Positive Guide For Discipline
  • How to Talk to Kids So They Will Listen
  • How to Handle the Hard to Handle Student
Colleen C. Braun, Ed.D.

Colleen C. Braun, Ed.D.

Living With Chronic Pain: Tools, Resources and Realities

  • Business Class: Survival
  • Success Strategies for International Executive's Career Mastery
  • Management Development
 Thomas A. Brown, Ph.D.

Thomas A. Brown, Ph.D.

He has special interest in individuals with high IQ who have ADHD

  • Describes the complex nature of ADD and its medical causes in a clear and understandable way, with vivid examples from everyday life of children, adolescents and adults.
  • A New Understanding of Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Attention and Related Disorders.
Joyce P. Buckner, Ph.D.

Joyce P. Buckner, Ph.D.

Relationship Development: Marriage and family therapist

  • Making Life Good After Divorce
  • Dr. Joyce Buckner reveals how you can experience a deeply satisfying loving relationship in your life.
  • If you’re separated or divorced, Dr. Buckner will help you understand why you fell out of love and what you can do to move forward in your life.
Jeanne A. Anne Craig, Ph.D., M.Ed.

Jeanne A. Anne Craig, Ph.D., M.Ed.

Learn Your Non-Negotiables

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Drug-free solutions
  • Learning disabilities
Nanette de Fuentes, Ph.D.

Nanette de Fuentes, Ph.D.

Incidents of sexual abuse of minors by Catholic clergy, over the past fifty years, is significant and disturbing

  • Why did so many priests sexually abuse minors?
  • Help overcoming depression and anxiety, and recovering from abuse or trauma, or addictive behaviors
  • Works closely with victims of clergy sexual abuse.
Alexandra Delis-Abrams, Ph.D.

Alexandra Delis-Abrams, Ph.D.

The Attitude Doc, Helps to promote the benefits of attitude awareness and healing.

  • The Attitude Doc, Helps to promote the benefits of attitude awareness and healing
  • Alexandra Delis-Abrams, Ph.D., is an Advanced Holistic Health Practitioner
  • Attitudes, Beliefs and Choices, is an exceptional in that is designed to enhance your personal journey.
Dr. Paul J. Dunion

Dr. Paul J. Dunion

Transpersonal perspective

  • The Dragon’s Egg in Mystic
  • Existential healing perspective
  • Learning to see change
Michael R. Edelstein, Ph.D.

Michael R. Edelstein, Ph.D.

Three Minute Therapy: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

  • Specifically tell you how to apply them to your own problems
  • How all of us can effect powerful changes in our psyches, in our lives, and in the lives of our loved ones
  • High self-esteem is now viewed much as cocaine was in the 1880s--a wondrous new cure for all ills, miraculously free of dangerous side-effects
Caren Ex, Ma, Lcsw, ACSW

Caren Ex, Ma, Lcsw, ACSW

Caren Ex, clinical social worker has became enormously popular for dispensing personal advice to callers on Spanish-language radio stations

  • Management - Cross Cultural
  • Mental Health
  • Carina: Su Mejor Amiga

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