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Jacqueline Berger

Jacqueline Berger

The First Ladies Lady : Loves, Lies, and Tears, An Intimate Look At America's First Ladies

  • Extraordinary Lives: Jacqueline shares the humorous, serious, and tragic stories of the Ordinary Women who lived Extraordinary Lives with the men who served as Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America.
  • Explores the great love affairs and the affairs of agreement that resided in the White House.
  • Learn the stories of the committed partners and the business partners, as well as the intellectual attractions and the opposites that were attracted.
Debra Jones Sherwood

Debra Jones Sherwood

Learn some of the funny, serious and sad insights into the lives of people who have called The White House home.

  • America's First Ladies / The First Ladies History Forgot
  • The president's Unelected partner and her effect on history
  • White House brides and other love stories

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