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Gregory Charles Allen

Gregory Charles Allen

Law Enforcement / Security Awareness: Security issues since 9/11

  • Law Enforcement Yesterday vs Today
  • Pre-Employment Screening Evolves to Mitigate Risk
  • How Has Terrorism Changed Our Lives
Janet S. Amare

Janet S. Amare

Soul Purpose: A Practical Guide For Creating A Life You Love

  • Soul Purpose: A Practical Guide For Creating A Life You Love
  • Intuitive Healer, Vibrational Healing
  • Whole Brain Balancing
Bob  Anderson,  Ph.D.

Bob Anderson, Ph.D.

Bobs approach is robust, effective and entertaining

  • Hold Ph.D.s in Human Resource and Safety Management
  • Counterterrorism.
  • In a futile attempt to eliminate failure, we’re eliminating excellence.
Randy Atlas, Ph.D.

Randy Atlas, Ph.D.

Security and Safety with CPTED: Protection of Critical Infrastructure and Crime Prevention

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design: Building Security & Safety
  • America's only Architect and Criminologist: Through Environmental Design
  • Building Security, Anti-Terrorism Design, Gated Communities, Street Closures
Captain Karen Baetzel, (USN) ret.

Captain Karen Baetzel, (USN) ret.

High flying Credentials and a Powerful Message from a Leadership Pioneer

  • Leading with an Edge
  • The Young Woman’s Guide to Being a BattleAxe
  • A revised look at female leadership- the truths, fallacies and mysteries
Dr. George Bugliarello

Dr. George Bugliarello

Futurist / Forecaster

  • Technology for Homeland Defense
  • Ethics, Values, and the Promise of Science
Roger W. Cliffe

Roger W. Cliffe

Home - Kitchen & Bath

  • Cabinets
  • Kitchen & Bath
Susie Coelho

Susie Coelho

Susie Coelho is today's freshest force in Lifestyle

  • Susie Coelho is today's freshest force in Lifestyle
  • Everyday Styling: Easy Tips for Home, Garden and Entertaining
  • Styling for Entertaining, Eight Simple Steps, Twelve Miracle Makeovers
Ruth Laverne Constant, Ed.D.

Ruth Laverne Constant, Ed.D.

Professional Style: The Look of Success

  • Empowerment
  • Home Care & Hospice
  • Service in home care and hospice
Beverly J. Day, MBA, Ph.D., CFE, RA

Beverly J. Day, MBA, Ph.D., CFE, RA

Health education enthusiast: Natural health

  • Learning about the healing aspects of essential oils, their qualities & how to effectively use them in everyday life
  • Aromatherapist
  • Naturopathy

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