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Amy Borkowsky

Amy Borkowsky

Entertainment - Comedian

  • A young woman named Amy Borowsky is in the midst of raising $3M to run her own ad… for a husband.
  • Borkowsky, a former advertising executive-turned comedian
  • The ultimate Jewish mother's dire warnings about everything from gum disease to red bathrobes to raw fish
Amazing Bottle Dancers

Amazing Bottle Dancers

Celebrating your Simcha with the Bottle Dancers

  • Amazing Bottle Dance! At the conclusion of their dance, the dancers go out into the audience and get everyone up for a Hora (featuring authentic Klezmer music) that no one will soon forget!
  • Bottle dance Yiddish: flash tantz, flaschen-tanz, flashtanz
  • Klezmer Hora, right out of the Old Country
Stewart Brodian

Stewart Brodian

Stewart Brodian aka Howard Stern: celebrity impersonator

  • President Abraham Lincoln:
  • Vocalist (low range tenor), rhythm guitarist, pianist, composer
  • Jewish oriented humor
Robert Cait

Robert Cait

Jewish Stand-Up Comedian, Kosher Comedy

  • Robert Cait: Kosher Stand-Up Comedy
  • How we can laugh at ourselves
  • Cait pokes fun of everyone and everything, making it ok to howl out loud.
Gary M. Cooperberg

Gary M. Cooperberg

Self respect and self defense should be top priorities in any normal country

  • The American Jew is the most endangered species in our exile.
  • Gary shares the events in his life that brought him to live in Kiryat Arba, Israel
  • Jewish tradition, and Jewish pride.
Leon Wolf Fainstadt

Leon Wolf Fainstadt

Leon Wolf Fainstadt, born June 5, 1945 in the wastelands of Siberia to parents that were slave laborers

  • Leon W Fainstadt on Robert Kennedy
  • Leon W Fainstadt, part of the advance team of the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy.
  • LOTUS: Leon Wolf Fainstadt, Artist
Stella Filler

Stella Filler

The World's only Kosher mime: She performs only for women's groups

  • Stella began to incorporate Jewish themes, lifestyle in her mimes
  • Known as the world's only Kosher Mime
  • She teaches Torah without saying a word!”
Rabbi Manis Friedman

Rabbi Manis Friedman

Existing Is Boring; Life Is Exiting

  • Parents – Living With The People You Can’t Live Without
  • Doesn’t Anyone Blush Anymore?: Reclaiming Intimacy, Modesty and Sexuality
  • Cheer Up! Taking happiness back to the drawing boards
Larry Greenfield

Larry Greenfield

Larry Greenfield: Extremely dynamic & conservative, who rocks the house with insight.

  • American Leadership in the 21st Century
  • The American Way: Don't Lose It!
  • Allies Lead for Freedom
Rosalyn Kirkel

Rosalyn Kirkel

Holocaust survivors tell horror stories

  • Auschwitz 1 (Oswiecim)
  • Holocaust Child Survivors and Second Generation

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