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Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, J.D.

Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, J.D.

Dean Chemerinsky has argued several cases before the United States Supreme Court.

  • Constitutional law, federal practice, civil rights and civil liberties, appellate litigation
  • Court procedure
  • Chemerinsky was named by California Law and Business as one of the 10 most influential lawyers
Roger S. Haydock, J.D.

Roger S. Haydock, J.D.

Dispute resolution

  • Trial advocacy
  • Pretrial litigation
  • Advocacy: Basic skills all lawyers use in the representation of clients
Dhillon Khosla

Dhillon Khosla

Both sides now: Dhillon's Personal Journey, Degrees in Law and Psychology: Valedictorian

  • Dhillon's Personal Journey
  • Sexual harassment, gender and the law
  • How understanding the biology of gender can set us all free.
Mick David Meagher, Esq.

Mick David Meagher, Esq.

Addiction in the workplace - a billion dollar hangover: Intervention In Addiction, Eating Disorders, Chronic Pain

  • Intervention in the Work-Place, the Do's and Don'ts
  • Legal Liability for the acts of a chemically dependant employee
  • Free Speech & the SLAPP Law - careful who you sue
Vince Megna, Attorney

Vince Megna, Attorney

King of Lemon Laws

  • America's Leading Lemon Law Lawyer
  • Sued GM 700 Times Without a Loss
  • Making the Auto Industry Cry Uncle
Rawsi Williams, J.D., B.S.N., R.N., CQRMS-LTC, Ph.D.

Rawsi Williams, J.D., B.S.N., R.N., CQRMS-LTC, Ph.D.

Rawsi Williams, Esq., R.N.: The Clarion Call Evangelist

  • Codify My Words 911: I'm Tired of My Foot Being In My Mouth
  • Codify My Words 911: Confidential Crisis, & Persona for African-American Entertainers & Athletes
  • Aging without Apathy: Prepare Me for Living Wills, Wills, Advance Directives, & Guardinships

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