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Gregory Charles Allen

Gregory Charles Allen

Law Enforcement / Security Awareness: Security issues since 9/11

  • Law Enforcement Yesterday vs Today
  • Pre-Employment Screening Evolves to Mitigate Risk
  • How Has Terrorism Changed Our Lives
Vincent DiCarlo

Vincent DiCarlo

The Law: How to Protect Your Business

  • How Not to Get Sued by Employees
  • How Not to Get Sued by an Investor
  • How to Reduce the High Cost of Litigation
Steven L. Gottlieb, M.P.A.

Steven L. Gottlieb, M.P.A.

Crime Analysis Techniques

  • Crime & Intelligence analysts
  • How to Develop a Crime Analysis Program & How to Run a Crime Analysis Unit
  • Functions of Crime Analysis & Which Ones Lead to Arresting Results
Stephen M. Gower

Stephen M. Gower

What do They See When They See You Coming

  • Focus on growing from the inside, starting with their employees, and working out toward their customers and clients.
  • Leading Change Worldwide - One Organization At A Time.
  • Service the journey of the team, the community, and their own journey
Richard N. Holden, Ph.D.

Richard N. Holden, Ph.D.

Modern Police Management

  • Law-Enforcement: An Introduction
  • A professor of criminal justice
  • Police: A Future of Utopia or Dystopia
Mark Kroeker

Mark Kroeker

Former U.N. Police Commissioner, on Leadership

  • Crisis prevention readiness
  • Recovery & response
  • Value Based Leadership in a World of Change
Trevor Marriott

Trevor Marriott

Ripper Murders: Trevor Marriott expert on Jack The Ripper

  • Jack the Ripper - Man or Myth?
  • The Whitechapel Murders London 1888: Jack the Ripper
  • The Worlds Worst Serial killers
Heather Post

Heather Post

Heather Post: retired law enforcement officer / detective & County Commissioner

  • Building credibility, becoming invaluable
  • Navigating Tough Terrain ... In a Dress
  • Adversity Survivor - a Badge of Honor
Richard A. Seniff

Richard A. Seniff


  • Leadership
  • Environmental Affairs
  • Rick Seniff implemented the new education and enforcement campaign.

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