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Sherry Amanpour

Sherry Amanpour

Odyssey of overcoming adversity to become a successful and much sought after business owner

  • Personal Story--Born and raised a Muslim in Iran, 1 of 11 women in government in iran and setting up a successful search practice in New York
  • Resiliency--with personal examples. How to turn adversity into opportunity.
  • Reinventing careers to adapt to a fast changing world
Terry  Ballantyne

Terry Ballantyne

How to view adversity as an asset and an opportunity and to use it to move to higher levels of success!

  • The attitudes of it's people should be a strategic concern of business leaders
  • Nobody likes adversity
  • Hammering the Rocks of Adversity
Yvonne Bornstein

Yvonne Bornstein

Journey Of Courage: Personal Kidnapping Experience Terror, Torture & histroic FBI & KGB rescue

  • Plane ticket: $900. / Kidnapping - $3,000,000. / Freedom - Priceless
  • Russian Roulette: Doing Business in Eastern Block Countries
  • Bodyguard : Don't leave your hotel in Russia without one
Irene Brennick

Irene Brennick

Success Strategies from a former Welfare Mom

  • How To Raise Money for Charity
  • Anyone Can Speak To Inspire: Why just speak when you can inspire!
  • Speak Up For Yourself
Scott Burrows

Scott Burrows

Vision, Mind-set and a Gritty Desire to Persevere! It's what separates the Winners and Top Producers from the Rest of the Pack

  • Turn our setbacks into comebacks and rise above the competition
  • Stand Up to Your Challenges! Stand Up To Any Challenge
  • Tales of Adversity Fire Up the Staff
Captain Dave Carey

Captain Dave Carey

How did you survive as a POW for five and half years in Vietnam?

  • Ethics - Knowing What is Right and Doing It
  • Way We Choose
  • Meeting Your Challenges
Christine Clifford

Christine Clifford

Persuasion: From Industry Leading Salesperson to Cancer Survivor

  • Let’s Close a Deal! Turn Contacts into Paying Customers
  • Humorous Cancer Survivor: Health / Humor Laughter Therapeutic
  • Marketing / Sales: Lead Management, Negotiation
Kiné Corder

Kiné Corder

Kiné is a dynamic speaker: Spoken Word Poet, Host, Actor

  • Implanting strategies: Change takes confidence
  • Kiné recently gained popularity as a recipient of reconstructive lip surgery on ABC’s, “Extreme Makeover.
  • Kiné was chosen by ABC to be the official spokes person for Extreme Makeover both nationally and internationally
Nicholas D'Agostino

Nicholas D'Agostino

Athlete of the Heart & Mind

  • Gravity: Nicholas shares his inspiring strategy!
  • Think Longer, Love Stronger
  • Brick! Nicholas challenges both followers & leaders alike to step up, conquer their obstacles
Kurt A. David

Kurt A. David

Fear change – Kurt’s mantra is to embrace it! Embrace Change & Adversity

  • Change is not a dirty word
  • Kurt recognizes the need for grieving
  • 100% of Professional Athletes Ultimately Experience Job Termination

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