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Julie Alexander

Julie Alexander

Julie Alexander's fresh perspective for life & work

  • Live It Up! Simple Solutions for More Great Days
  • Focus on developing great people for great results
  • Great Days at Work: Maximizing Workplace Morale
R. Gregory Alonzo

R. Gregory Alonzo

Power of Enthusiasm

  • How to ignite the creative forces
  • How to make enthusiasm a contagious positive
  • How to turn ardent zeal into a powerful life force
John Amatt

John Amatt

Mountain Climbing: Straight to the top and beyond

  • Mountain Climbing - One Step Beyond
  • Straight to the top and beyond
  • Rediscovering the adventure attitude
Nick Arnette

Nick Arnette

Nick Arnette Humor with a message! - Transforms & Energizes with Humor!: Humor With a Purpose

  • How to have a great attitude, work as a team, and keep your sense of humor
  • It’s Laughter We’re After!: Incorporate more humor into your life without being offensive or interrupting the work environment
  • How to Effectively Use Humor in the Workplace
Adele Azar-Rucquoi

Adele Azar-Rucquoi

Spiritual insights about how you can relate to your money

  • Money As Sacrament: Money Aerobics - Seven Stretches for Your Money Muscles
  • Money: Mirror of the Soul
  • Finding the Sacred in Money
Thomas Michael Bay, Ph.D.

Thomas Michael Bay, Ph.D.

Change Your Attitude

  • Creating Success One Thought at a Time
  • Look Within or Do Without
  • Successful people have 13 things in common
John Behrends

John Behrends

Teamwork: building effective teams

  • Understanding human performance
  • Create opportunity to enhance effectiveness
Bruce Boguski

Bruce Boguski

Motivational tactics & mental toughness: Achieving the Impossible

  • Business: attitude makes the difference in whatever we do
  • Finding the Zone - Peak Performance Under Pressure
  • Empowering through Teamwork
Curt A. Boudreaux, M.Ed.

Curt A. Boudreaux, M.Ed.

The Motivation Man: Never Kiss An Alligator On The Lips!

  • The Keys To Unlocking Your Potential
  • Cajun Humorist: Never Kiss An Alligator On The Lips!
  • Take Positive Risks
Michael Broome

Michael Broome

One of the nation's most inspiring, original, and comedic speakers

  • A Humorous Look at Personal and Professional Success
  • You Can Become the Person You Dream to Be!
  • Be a People Power Person!

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