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Salma N. Ajani

Salma N. Ajani

If You Row, You Will not Drift: Perfect Life Management - Life Wizard

  • Extreme Project Management
  • Specializes in accelerating change
  • The art of relationship
Julie Alexander

Julie Alexander

Julie Alexander's fresh perspective for life & work

  • Live It Up! Simple Solutions for More Great Days
  • Focus on developing great people for great results
  • Great Days at Work: Maximizing Workplace Morale
Jay D. Allen

Jay D. Allen

Master the fundamentals of daily living & the INNER game of success

  • Humans In Training: A Thought-provoking & Inspiring Message
  • Fitness for the Heart, Mind & Soul
  • Jay D. Allen is an expert at looking at life through a different lens
Marc Allen

Marc Allen

How To Think Like a Millionaire

  • Millionaire: A Visionary Plan for Creating the Life of Your Dreams
  • Stress reduction and creative meditations
  • Ten Percent Solution: Simple Steps to Improve Our Lives and Our World
Edward C. Anthony

Edward C. Anthony

Beauty Inside Out

  • Religion - Spirituality
  • Sowing character to reap a destiny
Billy P. Arcement, , MEd

Billy P. Arcement, , MEd

The focus is to develop individual and organizational leadership skills

  • How to turn knowledge into results
  • Common Sense Leadership in Uncommon Times
  • The Search for Personal Responsibility and Accountability
Chandler Atkins, Ph.D.

Chandler Atkins, Ph.D.

Quality of Work Life

  • Training ROI Evaluations
  • Employee Relations
Davida Bache'

Davida Bache'

Balancing physical, emotional & professional aspects of the human ecosystem unleasing maximum potency, extreme energy and joy

  • Restore the playfulness & fun of life: Creating Power, Clarity & Joy
  • Davida Bache' works with you to identify & address psychological, practical & personal obstacles that prevent you from living full lives.
  • Davida Bache' deliver exactly the experience you seem to require to excite, motivate, and inspire into choosing more in your life
Jim A. Bagnola

Jim A. Bagnola

Using the Mind-Body-Health Connection to Access the Power Within

  • Leading is Everybody‚Äôs Business
  • Transforming Customers into Long-Term Followers
  • The Never-Ending Balancing Act: Managing Stress
Ann Lovett Baird

Ann Lovett Baird

Taking you to the next level of sales, faith and life

  • Balancing work and family can be trick these days
  • Salespeople improve their performance
  • Inspires and encourages you to look beyond everyday lives to your passions or calling in life; to your dreams.

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