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Frank Josef  Adick

Frank Josef Adick

Frank Josef Adick, employee effectiveness planning

  • Time Management
  • Empowerment
  • Organizational Culture
Dr. Larry D. Baker, DBA

Dr. Larry D. Baker, DBA

Delegate wisely to gain individual and team commitment.

  • Personnel and Organizational Behavior
  • Mastering Time for High Performance
  • Strategic Planning and the Strategy Team
Katherine P. Cole

Katherine P. Cole

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

  • Presenting Yourself with Impact
  • The Art of Conflict Resolution
  • How to Connect with a Client
Jeff Davidson, M.B.A., CMC

Jeff Davidson, M.B.A., CMC

Jeff Davidson is the Work-Life Balance Expert®

  • Overcome the relentless burden of information & communication overload.
  • Prospering in a World of Rapid Change
  • Handling Information & Communication Overload
Gloria Gault Geary

Gloria Gault Geary

Creating legendary leaders through improved employee relations.

  • Speaks from the heart and to the soul of the legendary leader within
  • Self-Management
Gloria Golbert

Gloria Golbert

Human Potential

  • Time Management / Self-Management
Angela Huffmon

Angela Huffmon

Serious Humor Gets Results! Helping Managers Enhance Their Employees Development

  • Management’s Guide to Engaging Your Employees
  • Time Management for Busy Professionals: Learn how to use effective time management
  • Small Business Owners to Hiring and Engaging Employees
Jan  Jasper

Jan Jasper

Learn to manage time, tasks, & information. Get the most from the computer.

  • Learn how to spend more time on high-pay-off tasks and less time on daily minutia and crises
  • Handle multiple priorities & deadlines so nothing 'falls through the cracks'
  • Survive information overload (both paper and digital
Kay B. Johnson, M.Ed.

Kay B. Johnson, M.Ed.

Power-packed with insights, content, enthusiasm and humor.

  • How to Put 10 Hours in an 8 Hour Day
  • Navigating Life's Highway with People
  • Attracting and Keeping Your Best People
Harold A. Mangum

Harold A. Mangum

The Benefits of a Powerful Memory with Harold A. Mangum, Psychologist

  • Maximum Recall Memory: Maximum Recall system
  • Maximum Name Retention: Meet & remember peoples names
  • Avanced Numers and Playing Cards by Memory: Recall important data and info

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