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Gilbert  Adler

Gilbert Adler

Gilbert Adler is a multiple Cable ACE Award-winner, having served as writer, director and producer

  • Entertainment - Industry
  • Producer and writer on various horror films and TV shows
  • How have you enjoyed working on Superman, was it an ambition for you?
Paul Davidson

Paul Davidson

Paul Davidson is an American screenwriter, author and television producer.

  • Davidson began crafting letters to Fortune 500 companies in the hopes that he could publish a book of the correspondences.
  • The book, which features weblogs
  • I am a writer. A novelist. A kick-ass jockey. Yes, I'm a jockey. I'm also six feet tall. I am the tallest jockey on the face of the Earth who has never ridden a horse. Don't pity me, embrace me.
Vincent Lupiano

Vincent Lupiano

How do you write a speech? Executive Speeches

  • Writing the screenplay is the easy part: The difficult, often grueling aspect, is plotting it out
  • A chef with different hats
M. Rutledge McCall

M. Rutledge McCall

Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another: Raise the Standard

  • Slipping into Darkness: A true story from the American Ghetto
  • Shattered perceptions of racism
  • Creative Writing: film & television writing
Joel Miller

Joel Miller

How to Make a No Budget Movie

  • How to Make a No Budget Movie
  • The Still Life screened in 29 International Film Festivals
  • Joel comes from a music background and toured with Guns N' Roses, Stone Temple Pilots, Poison and more...
Kenneth Rotcop

Kenneth Rotcop

The movie business writing, running a studio and producing! The actors and actresses I've met along the way!

  • How I Became an Award Winning Writer after 37 Rejections... including my wife's!
  • So You Want to be in Movies? Breaking Down the Hollywood Mystique
  • Who Killed Marilyn Monroe?
Pat Silver-Lasky (aka) Barbara Hayden

Pat Silver-Lasky (aka) Barbara Hayden

She has produced, written, directed and acted in TV drama, appeared in feature films, directed for the theatre

  • On script writing
  • Pat wrote four books, eight films and nearly 100 TV scripts including The Avengers, Danger Man, and Philip Marlowe.
Jamie Williams, Ed.D

Jamie Williams, Ed.D

Thriving in the Red Zone: 49'ers Football

  • Finding Order in the Chaos
  • Thriving in the Red Zone
  • Leadership in Sports and Business

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