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Philip Mitchell Bruschi

Philip Mitchell Bruschi

Mind and Memory Fitness

  • Releasing Your Personal Memory Power
  • 25 Power Memory Tips and Techniques
  • The Game of the Name
David E. Coffill

David E. Coffill

Skills - Memory: Master Your Memory

  • The Ultimate Software for the Mind
  • Benefits of Mastering Your Memory
  • Mastering Numbers & Playing Cards.
Irene B. Colsky, Ed.D.

Irene B. Colsky, Ed.D.

Learning and memory techniques

  • Quick Fixes for Memory Lapses
  • 24 Handy Ways to a Better Memory
Jan Dacri

Jan Dacri

Upgrade Your Mental Computer; Boost Your Brain Power in Minutes a Day

  • Upgrade Your Mental Computer; Boost Your Brain Power in Minutes a Day
  • Emerging research shows that there are indelible links between what we say to ourselves and what happens to us
  • How to clear our minds and refocus our thinking, relieve the tension and reduce the effects of stress
J. Mark Dufner, Ph.D.

J. Mark Dufner, Ph.D.

How to use effective memory skills: Mastermind Memory

  • Forget Forgetting Forever...
  • Remember Names with Amazing Results...
  • Techniques So Simple, They Work for Everyone...Guaranteed Results, You Will be Thrilled...
Lee Earle

Lee Earle

Develop Your Power Memory

  • Awaken Your E.S.P.* (*Essential Silent Partner)
  • Your Puzzling Mind
  • Why Don't We Listen to Our Children's Stories?
Robert S. Flanagan

Robert S. Flanagan

Stan uses an occasional touch of magic, or humor to keep the attention of his audience

  • Stan’s presentations are based on actual happenings, which make them easy to absorb, impossible to forget
  • If you wish to put more magic into your sales
  • Negotiation Concepts that Will Skyrocket Your Sales
Marguerite Ham

Marguerite Ham

Marguerite Ham, Memory expert: Learn to remember what you hear, read and people’s names!

  • Skills - Memory-Photographic: Igniting the Authentic Leader Within
  • How To Remember What’s His Name?!
  • Igniting Success with Inspiration, and Tools for Success
Hermine Hilton

Hermine Hilton

The Art of Memory Maintenance

  • The Executive Memory Guide
  • 50 Ways to a Better Memory
  • A Head Start to a Better Memory
Jon Keith

Jon Keith

Memory Skills for Success

  • Accelerated Memory Skills
  • He will increase your productivity & confidence
  • Improve your memory in minutes!

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