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Mike D. Abrashoff, Commander

Mike D. Abrashoff, Commander

Taking Calculated Risks…Regardless of the Economy

  • Just Do the Right Thing
  • Engaging Your People
  • The Agenda: Grassroots Leadership
Wally Adamchik, M.B.A.

Wally Adamchik, M.B.A.

You don't win by accident. You need a game plan to achieve your goals

  • You need a strategy & a plan to insure your group are growing & adapting as your business grows & evolves
  • How to get where your company needs to be: Proven paths to success
  • Strategy without execution will fail. Theory without reality will confuse
William Alison Anders

William Alison Anders

Astronaut: Lunar module pilot for Apollo 8

  • Lunar module pilot for Apollo 8
  • US Ambassador to Norway
  • Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
Captain Karen Baetzel, (USN) ret.

Captain Karen Baetzel, (USN) ret.

High flying Credentials and a Powerful Message from a Leadership Pioneer

  • Leading with an Edge
  • The Young Woman’s Guide to Being a BattleAxe
  • A revised look at female leadership- the truths, fallacies and mysteries
Mark Edwin & Tori Baird

Mark Edwin & Tori Baird

Vet: Recruiting, Marketing, Sales & Employee Retention Program for Your Business

  • Assists local US military, veterans, their families
  • How to navigate through US Military protocol & establish an approved relationship permits
  • Invite job seeking US military & veterans to your company
Professor Timothy Bakken

Professor Timothy Bakken

Constitutional Parameters of the President’s authority to use Force: Judicial Deference

  • Averting catastrophe: combating Iran's nuclear threat
  • After September 11, Where are We?
  • The Evolution of Military Policy on Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell,”
Captain Alan L. Bean

Captain Alan L. Bean

Man’s second lunar landing.

  • Science - Outer Space
  • Fourth Man to Walk on the Moon
  • Science - Outer Space/NASA
David Bellavia

David Bellavia

Former Army Staff Sergeant, Medal of Honor Nominee

  • The War in Iraq
  • The Perspective of American Soldiers
  • Vets for Freedom, the Non-partisan Organization Established by Combat Veterans of the Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan
Peter Berardi, Ph.D.

Peter Berardi, Ph.D.

Positive Thinking in Leadership: retired Navy SEAL - a 9/11 First responder

  • Personal Brand: What is Your Signature
  • Leadership Ethics and Value Alignment
  • The Role of Emotional Intelligence
Jonathan Bernstein

Jonathan Bernstein

Are you Prepared for a Crisis?: Strategies for Keeping the Wolves at Bay

  • Best Practices for Incident Response: Focus on Crisis Management.
  • Crisis Management & Prevention: Master of Disaster
  • Keeping the Wolves at Bay: Crisis Preparedness

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