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William Alison Anders

William Alison Anders

Astronaut: Lunar module pilot for Apollo 8

  • Lunar module pilot for Apollo 8
  • US Ambassador to Norway
  • Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
Captain Karen Baetzel, (USN) ret.

Captain Karen Baetzel, (USN) ret.

High flying Credentials and a Powerful Message from a Leadership Pioneer

  • Leading with an Edge
  • The Young Woman’s Guide to Being a BattleAxe
  • A revised look at female leadership- the truths, fallacies and mysteries
Colonel Jacksel M. Broughton

Colonel Jacksel M. Broughton

43 separate awards and decorations

  • The War in Vietnam
  • Comparisons between Vietnam and our current situations with other countries
  • War related to the U.S.A
Captain Dale Brown, (Retired)

Captain Dale Brown, (Retired)

Dale Brown author of many military-action-aviation adventure novels

  • Recipient of several military decorations & awards including the Air Force Commendation Medal with oak leaf cluster, the Combat Crew Award, and the Marksmanship ribbon
  • Military-action-aviation adventure novels
  • Dale Brown is one of the best military adventure writer in the country
Dan Clark

Dan Clark

Sales: Laws Of Intentions & Attraction / Emotional Closings

  • Transforming Lives From Successful To Significant
  • Self-Actualize, Minimize Chance, Achieve Greatness, Become Significant
  • Leadership, Change, Sales, Peak Performance
William A. Cohen, Ph.D, Major General, USAF, Ret.

William A. Cohen, Ph.D, Major General, USAF, Ret.

The Stuff of Heroes: Leading in the Global Environment

  • Great Teachers in Marketing
  • New Art of a Leader
  • Eight Universal Laws of Leadership
Gregory P. Cook

Gregory P. Cook

International Negotiations: Recognized expert in national security issues, International relations

  • National Security Strategy and Policy
  • Aerospace Issues
  • Corporate Strategy Development and Planning
James T. Demarest

James T. Demarest

Exploring the Challenges of Leadership: Former Air Force F-15

  • Desert Storm Perspective
  • Stories of self sacrifice & courage
  • Exploring the Challenges of Leadership
Kerry G. Denson, Brigadier General (Retired)

Kerry G. Denson, Brigadier General (Retired)

An Experienced Leader, A Battle-Tested Message

  • Applied Leadership: Leadership Tools
  • His leadership experiences are based on real world events and situations, not theory from a book
  • He explains the importance of timely, accurate information and communication and how to implement an effective system
Leon Lee Ellis, Colonel USAF (Ret)

Leon Lee Ellis, Colonel USAF (Ret)

POW in Vietnam for over five years: Leon Lee Ellis, Colonel USAF, Ret.

  • Build trust & cohesion: Work with more passion, energy, & productivity
  • Embrace creative conflict
  • Stop Emotional De-railers - Lead with Emotional Intelligence

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