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Mike D. Abrashoff, Commander

Mike D. Abrashoff, Commander

Taking Calculated Risks…Regardless of the Economy

  • Just Do the Right Thing
  • Engaging Your People
  • The Agenda: Grassroots Leadership
Captain Alan L. Bean

Captain Alan L. Bean

Man’s second lunar landing.

  • Science - Outer Space
  • Fourth Man to Walk on the Moon
  • Science - Outer Space/NASA
Peter Berardi, Ph.D.

Peter Berardi, Ph.D.

Positive Thinking in Leadership: retired Navy SEAL - a 9/11 First responder

  • Personal Brand: What is Your Signature
  • Leadership Ethics and Value Alignment
  • The Role of Emotional Intelligence
James Brown

James Brown

James was shot in the neck and robbed, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. Rather than lying in the bed feeling sorry for himself, he decided to change not only his life, but the lives of others. He found courage in his crisis.

  • Courage in the Midst of Crises
  • What Goes on in This House, Stays in the House
  • James Brown's tumultuous home and street life, but it also demonstrates how people from similar backgrounds can use what they have, or have left, to become successful.
Captain Dave Carey

Captain Dave Carey

How did you survive as a POW for five and half years in Vietnam?

  • Ethics - Knowing What is Right and Doing It
  • Way We Choose
  • Meeting Your Challenges
Captain John Oliver Creighton

Captain John Oliver Creighton

Creighton participated in all the key decisions following the Challenger disaster helping to shape the plan for resuming safe manned space flight.

  • Logged over 6,000 hours flying time, the majority of it in jet fighters, and has completed 500 carrier landings and 175 combat missions.
  • Creighton the astronaut representative to the Shuttle Program Manager
William P. Driscoll, Commander (retired)

William P. Driscoll, Commander (retired)

The balanced lifestyle needed to deal with today's ever-present tension

  • Peak Pressure Performance under acute stress.
  • Peak Pressure Performance
  • Navy Flying Ace, former Topgun Instructor
John Gucci Foley

John Gucci Foley

High Performance, Innovation, Trust & Teamwork: John Foley - Former Lead Solo Pilot, Blue Angels

  • The High Performance Climb: Discover your potential for High Performance
  • How of High Performance: High Performance Zone
  • Sustaining Excellence & Leading Through Change
Captain Robert (Hoot) Lee Gibson

Captain Robert (Hoot) Lee Gibson

Astronaut: Atlantis

  • STS 27, Atlantis, STS 47, Spacelab J, STS-71
  • Awarded the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) Louis Blériot Medal
  • Awarded the Yuri A. Gagarin Gold Medal
Joseph M. Land, Sr., LTC(P), AG, USACC

Joseph M. Land, Sr., LTC(P), AG, USACC

Lt. Colonel, U.S. Army Cadet Corps

  • Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist
  • ACA Basic Parachutist

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