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Ikram Azam, Ph.D.

Ikram Azam, Ph.D.

Education; Western, Eastern, and Islamic

  • Futuristic Studies in Pakistan
  • The Kashmir: Now Or Never
  • The Kashmir Imbroglio: Looking Towards the Future As a Futurist, I was attracted by its futuristic thrust, despite the linguistic tongue twister: Imbroglio.
E. J. Edge Bassette

E. J. Edge Bassette

Explore Your Options for Success

  • Silent Cry
  • Overcame incredible odds to achieve personal success
  • Practice What You Preach
Keo Capestany

Keo Capestany

The sting of a broken system

  • Between Language: Human Attitudes Toward Foreign-Sounding People
  • Waving the Mother Tongue: An Introduction to the Official English Controversy
  • TNT - Terrific Negotiations Tactics: How to Achieve Instant Influence
Carlos Conejo

Carlos Conejo

Carlos Conejo will help you increase your bottom line!: Selling & Marketing to Multicultural Customers

  • Tapping the Burgeoning U.S. Hispanic Market: Recruiting & Retaining Multicultural Employees
  • Emerging U.S. Multicultural Markets: The Power of Working Together
  • Workforce Transformatiion
Andrea C. Hummel Corella

Andrea C. Hummel Corella

Managing diversity and achieving cultural competence

  • Anthropologist and human relations specialist
  • Multi-Track Diplomacy
  • Bi-cultural with knowledge of 6 languages.
Gayle Cotton, BS, MS

Gayle Cotton, BS, MS

Keys to Successful Cross-Cultural Communication

  • Global Business Etiquette: Cultural Clues, Do's & Taboos!
  • Interpersonal Communications: Is What You Say What You Mean?
  • The Art of Successful Presentation Skills: It’s Beyond Words…
Donell Edwards

Donell Edwards

A decade of experience in retail and outside sales, he was a successful radio announcer

  • Motivation on Steroids; The ABCs of Self-Motivation
  • How to Bounce Right Back Up When Life Knocks You Down
  • Make It Happen; Transforming Adversities Into Opportunities
J. Greg Gimba

J. Greg Gimba

Strategic Global Marketing: Retain and Sustain Competitive Advantage by Listening To Your Customers

  • Customer Cultivation / Retention
  • Market Action Planning (MAP)
  • Multi-Cultural & Diversity
Michael Gonzales, Ph.D.

Michael Gonzales, Ph.D.

A menmtal Health professional that will help you look at fitness in a way to improve the bottom line

  • Health & Fitness and the Bottom Line
  • The importance on mulitcultural thinking
  • Farsi speaking mental health
Miri Hunter Haruach, Ph.D.

Miri Hunter Haruach, Ph.D.

Develop strong, empowered, beautiful women & men who work to create a spiritual / uplifting world

  • Spirit Technology: Playing Life With a Full Deck
  • Telling Our Stories, Living Our Truth
  • Spiritual and Psychological Development

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