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Bob  Anderson,  Ph.D.

Bob Anderson, Ph.D.

Bobs approach is robust, effective and entertaining

  • Hold Ph.D.s in Human Resource and Safety Management
  • Counterterrorism.
  • In a futile attempt to eliminate failure, we’re eliminating excellence.
Mike Armour, Ph.D.

Mike Armour, Ph.D.

Trust-Centered Leadership™ to solid

  • How the depth of trust determines your organization's ability to innovate and adapt quickly
  • Trust-Centered Leadership: Unleashing Peak Performance
  • Our Spiraling Trust-Deficit and What To Do About It
Captain Karen Baetzel, (USN) ret.

Captain Karen Baetzel, (USN) ret.

High flying Credentials and a Powerful Message from a Leadership Pioneer

  • Leading with an Edge
  • The Young Woman’s Guide to Being a BattleAxe
  • A revised look at female leadership- the truths, fallacies and mysteries
Mark Edwin & Tori Baird

Mark Edwin & Tori Baird

Vet: Recruiting, Marketing, Sales & Employee Retention Program for Your Business

  • Assists local US military, veterans, their families
  • How to navigate through US Military protocol & establish an approved relationship permits
  • Invite job seeking US military & veterans to your company
J. T. Bechtol

J. T. Bechtol

Anywhere clean current comedy is needed to create fun and laughter,

  • Humor - Comedian
  • Host or emcee, Master of Ceremonies
  • Characters: Bubba Claus, Kar Bubba Nak, the Simi-Magnificent, and T. Bubba.
Venna Bishop

Venna Bishop

Witty, inspiring, motivates employees

  • It's Not How You Fly, It's How You Land!
  • Creative approach for ReVitalizing your Team
  • Instills commitment & patriotism.
Gloria Boileau

Gloria Boileau

Boileau has created proven methods to achieving peace in our lives

  • Have more fun helping people all over the world learn how to identify, distance and eventually conquer fear.
  • Finding Peace Amid the Chaos: Unconventional Strategies for Survival for a Post 9.11 World
  • Imagine A World Where You Live Without Fear
Dana Bowman

Dana Bowman

It's Not The Disability...It's The Ability!™

  • Overcoming Adversity, Mastering Change, and Reaching Your Dreams!
  • Mastering Change: The Only Constant
  • Despite Disability, It's No Limits!
Captain Dave Carey

Captain Dave Carey

How did you survive as a POW for five and half years in Vietnam?

  • Ethics - Knowing What is Right and Doing It
  • Way We Choose
  • Meeting Your Challenges
Richard A. Cheatham

Richard A. Cheatham

Classic wisdom of America's past through moving historical impersonations

  • Meriwether Lewis for Bicentennial: American hero who opened up the west
  • Pocahontas' husband John Rolfe by a real grandson!
  • President John Tyler : Virginia President with a mind of his own

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