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James Alexander

James Alexander

Words are free it's how you use them that might cost you

  • How to live a prosperous life through the power of words
  • Finding your gift and purpose
  • Steps to becoming a successful self - published author
Lewis Baumgartner

Lewis Baumgartner

World's Worst Farmer... From Ragweed Ranch in Cocklebur County.

  • It's getting to the point where I'm doing better telling folks how bad I am than I ever did farming, Lewis says.
  • His self deprecating humor and his hilarious tales of predicaments encountered on his beloved farm, Ragweed Ranch in Cocklebur County have been a hit with audiences all over the country!
  • Folks in the audience laugh, slap their knee, and nod in understanding as he recounts the predicaments that can befall, not just the World's Worst Farmer, but almost any farmer
Louise Cabral

Louise Cabral

Write Your Life Story To Find Out Who You Are

  • Write Your Life Story
  • Millay and Me: A One-Woman Show
  • Want to learn about novel writing?
Betty Carr

Betty Carr

Inspirational and Motivational: Attitude: Life's Choices

  • There is help: From Victim to Victor
  • Attitude: Life's Choices
Arthur C. Clarke

Arthur C. Clarke

Arthur C. Clarke, is one of the grand masters of science fiction.

  • Clarke may best be remembered as the inventor of communication satellite
  • Extraterrestial Relays
Carole Romatko - Cliffe

Carole Romatko - Cliffe

Strategies to integrate character values: Character Counts

  • Language development specialist
  • Program which integrates character education and the language arts state standards
  • Enhancing moral literacy.
Kiné Corder

Kiné Corder

Kiné is a dynamic speaker: Spoken Word Poet, Host, Actor

  • Implanting strategies: Change takes confidence
  • Kiné recently gained popularity as a recipient of reconstructive lip surgery on ABC’s, “Extreme Makeover.
  • Kiné was chosen by ABC to be the official spokes person for Extreme Makeover both nationally and internationally
John Farrell

John Farrell

Juxtaposition of Eliot's poetry

  • Beyond illuminating the musical dimension of Four Quartets
  • Eliot's poems & Beethoven's music
Laurence M. Gartel

Laurence M. Gartel

Gartel is a founding pioneer of the Digital Art movement

  • Digital media artist
  • Throughout history there has always been a fascination with the human figure.
  • Series of sepia toned images was created purely as an experimental session
Bruce George

Bruce George

Self-determination is the key to success: Valuable tips towards success

  • The Power of Self-Determination
  • How to become an Entrepreneur
  • The Art of Selling: Various selling techniques for the seller to improve his/her sales

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