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Gregory Charles Allen

Gregory Charles Allen

Law Enforcement / Security Awareness: Security issues since 9/11

  • Law Enforcement Yesterday vs Today
  • Pre-Employment Screening Evolves to Mitigate Risk
  • How Has Terrorism Changed Our Lives
Bob  Anderson,  Ph.D.

Bob Anderson, Ph.D.

Bobs approach is robust, effective and entertaining

  • Hold Ph.D.s in Human Resource and Safety Management
  • Counterterrorism.
  • In a futile attempt to eliminate failure, we’re eliminating excellence.
Randy Atlas, Ph.D.

Randy Atlas, Ph.D.

Security and Safety with CPTED: Protection of Critical Infrastructure and Crime Prevention

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design: Building Security & Safety
  • America's only Architect and Criminologist: Through Environmental Design
  • Building Security, Anti-Terrorism Design, Gated Communities, Street Closures
Captain Karen Baetzel, (USN) ret.

Captain Karen Baetzel, (USN) ret.

High flying Credentials and a Powerful Message from a Leadership Pioneer

  • Leading with an Edge
  • The Young Woman’s Guide to Being a BattleAxe
  • A revised look at female leadership- the truths, fallacies and mysteries
Dr. George Bugliarello

Dr. George Bugliarello

Futurist / Forecaster

  • Technology for Homeland Defense
  • Ethics, Values, and the Promise of Science
John J. Featherman, MBA

John J. Featherman, MBA

Recognized internationally as a leading authority on privacy issues

  • Safety - Personal
  • How Businesses Can Spy on Their Competition
  • Ten Commandments of Privacy
Judith H. Germano

Judith H. Germano

Cybersecurity expert, former federal prosecutor, law professor, triathlete

  • Making the Business Case for Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity in the Boardroom
  • The Cyber Threat Landscape & What to Do About It
Gregory Pattison, M.S., CHS III

Gregory Pattison, M.S., CHS III

8 strategies for reducing workplace violence risk

  • Reduce Workplace Violence Now
  • Defensive (vebal & physical) tactics that Work!
  • How bad people think and what you need to know
Heather Post

Heather Post

Heather Post: retired law enforcement officer / detective & County Commissioner

  • Building credibility, becoming invaluable
  • Navigating Tough Terrain ... In a Dress
  • Adversity Survivor - a Badge of Honor
B. Wayne Quist, Colonel, USAF

B. Wayne Quist, Colonel, USAF

On the origins of the ideology of al Qaeda, the protracted global war on terror, and its global impact.

  • Winning the War on Terror: A Triumph of American Values
  • The Triumph of Democracy Over Militant Islamism
  • Buy, Sell & Finance Privately Held Companies: Strategic Financial Partners

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