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Randy Atlas, Ph.D.

Randy Atlas, Ph.D.

Security and Safety with CPTED: Protection of Critical Infrastructure and Crime Prevention

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design: Building Security & Safety
  • America's only Architect and Criminologist: Through Environmental Design
  • Building Security, Anti-Terrorism Design, Gated Communities, Street Closures
Peter York Eastman

Peter York Eastman

Making the world safer one step at a time

  • Personal Safety in the Community: Surviving the Dangerous Visit
  • Personal Safety in the Office: Surviving the Dangerous Interview
  • Reducing and Eliminating Restraint and Seclusion
Catherine Vackar Meyer

Catherine Vackar Meyer

The Gang Lady: Cathey Vackar Meyer discusses her work with the FBI.

  • The power of gangs is the first step in making responsible decisions about what will keep children safe.
  • School Violence: Street GANGS and Violent Youth Trends
  • How to recognize the symbols, recruiting tactics, group psychology, organizational aims and warfare objectives of youth gangs.
Bob Thurman

Bob Thurman

Learn how to avoid becoming a victim of violence through mental awareness and psychological preparedness, and, if the need arises, simple techniques for escaping an attack.

  • Be Aware and Be Prepared
  • Your Mind and Body: Two Weapons Nobody Can Take From You
  • The Psychology of Violence

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