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Arlene Alpert, M.S., LMHC

Arlene Alpert, M.S., LMHC

Emotional Re-Education and Spiritual Growth

  • Power of Presentation Skills
  • Solve Daily Business Challanges
  • Unlease your Potential
Terry  Ballantyne

Terry Ballantyne

How to view adversity as an asset and an opportunity and to use it to move to higher levels of success!

  • The attitudes of it's people should be a strategic concern of business leaders
  • Nobody likes adversity
  • Hammering the Rocks of Adversity
Michelle Barone, M.A., M.F.T.

Michelle Barone, M.A., M.F.T.

Beyond Academics: Exploring your Families Educational journey

  • Restore Sanity to our Society
  • Parenting challenges and concerns. Birth - young adult
  • Couples and relationship issues
Reverend Terri Daniel

Reverend Terri Daniel

Conversations in the spiritual voice: Understanding of the journey of the soul

  • How do we offer compassionate listening & support for beliefs that may not resonate with our own?
  • How can we honor the other person’s reality fully & lovingly, without imposing our own views & biases?
  • A precious gift from our higher selves & our guides to impart important growth lessons that we ourselves have chosen?
Bob Gerold

Bob Gerold

The People Factor - be more effective by understanding the people around you: Living in Balance

  • Seeking Comfort in the Midst of Loss
  • The Challenge of Aging Gracefully
  • Thoughts of a Late Blooming Father
Allison Gilbert

Allison Gilbert

Allison Gilbert addresses grief, recovery from loss, and the bonds that hold families together

  • Surviving & Thriving After the Unimaginable
  • Grief & Work: How to Use Sadness To Your Advantage
  • Making Work -- Work with Your Life
Jeanne M. Harper, MPS, LBSW, FT, BCETS, DAPA

Jeanne M. Harper, MPS, LBSW, FT, BCETS, DAPA

You, too, can Persevere through Adversity by renaming it a Creative Opportunity for Growth

  • Stress Management
  • Take the life scars I have experienced and turn them into stars so they can shine their light for others who must travel the same path
Sandra E. Howlett, Ed.D.

Sandra E. Howlett, Ed.D.

Unique ability to assist you in your organization transformation

  • Ashes to Ashes... One Family's Experience with Cremation
  • Creating Meaningful Rituals for Healing
  • What about your Grief?
Lissi Kaplan

Lissi Kaplan

Creating passion, joy & purpose

  • Creating Passion & Purpose
  • Finding inner peace and joy
  • Coping with the loss of a loved one
Karen L. Kenney, Ph.D., MFT

Karen L. Kenney, Ph.D., MFT

Relationships: Marriage & family therapist

  • Domestic Abuse or Violence
  • Loss or grief

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