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Carol Abaya

Carol Abaya

Become a parent to an aging parent

  • Sandwich Generation : You & Aging Parents
  • Dementia, Aging and Caregiving
  • Protecting Your $$: What NOT to do
William Cone, Ph.D.

William Cone, Ph.D.

Health & Nutrition, Psychology, Geriatric Psychologist

  • Expertise in aging and memory
  • Stop Memory Loss: How to Fight Forgetfulness over Forty
Cynthia Teresa Cristilli

Cynthia Teresa Cristilli

Dramatize a difficult topic in a realistic, thought-provoking manner

  • Harassment in the workplace: I was just kidding!
  • Dealing with diversity: Can't I just not like someone?
  • Knowing I need to destress stresses me out!
Maddy Kent Dychtwald

Maddy Kent Dychtwald

Megatrends for the twenty-first century

  • Forecasting lifestyle and consumer marketing trends.
  • Cycles: How We Will Live, Work, and Buy
  • Women, Money and Power
Mary Beth Franklin

Mary Beth Franklin

A Formula To Make Funds Last Lifetime: Retirement planning & Social Security issues

  • Maximizing your Social Security retirement benefits
  • Mary Beth Franklin on personal finance & health issues for seniors.
  • Strives to help seniors & their families gain easy access to information affecting their health, finances, and lifestyles
David Horgan

David Horgan

When Your Parent Moves In

  • Have a frank and open discussion with your parent about what is being considered
  • Work out some basic guidelines for both sides
  • Consider your parents situation
Joy Loverde

Joy Loverde

The Complete Eldercare Planner: Where to Start, Questions to Ask, How to Find Help

  • Aging Parents' Care: Are You Ready?
  • Talking About Sensitive Topics with Your Aging Parents
  • Aging Parents: Avoiding Family Caregiver Burnout
Jacqueline Marcell

Jacqueline Marcell

Eldercare awareness: How to manage caregiving and eldercare, medically and behaviorally.

  • Laughter & Tears in the Caregiving Years
  • Normal Aging / Senior Moments vs. Dementia / Alzheimer's Warning Signs, Stages, Types, Statistics
  • Finding the Right Medical Team for Accurate Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment
Judy McKellar

Judy McKellar

Alzheimer's Caregiving: A Painful and Long Road

  • Motivation/Inspiration: Winners Have an Attitude
  • Alzheimer's Caregiving: A Painful and Long Road
  • Practical Tips for Finding the Best Residential Care for Your Relative
Glenn A. Van Ekeren

Glenn A. Van Ekeren

Random thoughts & observations to empower your daily life: Enthused About Life

  • 12 Simple Secrets of Happiness: Finding Joy in Everyday Relationships
  • 12 Simple Secrets of Happiness at Work
  • 12 Simple Secrets of Happiness in a Topsy-Turvy World

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