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Dale L. Anderson, M.D.

Dale L. Anderson, M.D.

Turn on the chemistry of success: learn how to Act Happy & accentuate positive relationships, team building, and eliminate stress.

  • Set the Stage to perform Well!
  • Holistic DRAMAtologist
  • The Orchestra Conductor's Secret to Health & Long Life. Conducting & Other Easy Things to do to Feel Better, Keep Fit, Lose Weight, Increase Energy and Live Longer
Neal Barnard, M.D.

Neal Barnard, M.D.

Neal Barnard, M.D.: Better health through powerful dietary changes

  • Foods that Fight Pain
  • The Science of Nutrition in the Century Ahead
  • Nutrition & Women's Health: Taking Control of Your Health
Philip Mitchell Bruschi

Philip Mitchell Bruschi

Mind and Memory Fitness

  • Releasing Your Personal Memory Power
  • 25 Power Memory Tips and Techniques
  • The Game of the Name
Ruth Laverne Constant, Ed.D.

Ruth Laverne Constant, Ed.D.

Professional Style: The Look of Success

  • Empowerment
  • Home Care & Hospice
  • Service in home care and hospice
Ruth E. Heidrich, Ph.D.

Ruth E. Heidrich, Ph.D.

Health - Medical - Cancer: A Race For Life

  • Health - Medical - Cancer
  • Dr. Heidrich is a six-time Ironman Triathlon finisher, holder of more than 900 gold medals from every distance from 100 meter dashes to 5K road races to ultra marathons and triathlons.
  • A Race For Life: A Diet and Exercise Program for Superfitness and Reversing the Aging Process
Tom Laga, Ph.D.

Tom Laga, Ph.D.

Motivates you to assume personal responsibility for self-care, disease prevention, health education, longevity, and the healing of body-mind-spirit via nutrition-fitnesss-stresscare and interpersonal communication.

  • He has a special interest in 50+ / longevity/senior health issues.
  • Nutrition, Fitness & Stress Care
  • Nutrition and fitness leads to É
Jane L. Mahakian, Ph.D.

Jane L. Mahakian, Ph.D.

Health Care Industry: Corporate presentations on elder care planning, Alzheimer's disease, healthy aging, and validating your loved one with dementia.

  • Health Care Industry: A leading geriatric care management that specializes in working with older adults with dementia.
  • Jane conducts corporate seminars and presentations in eldercare planning, Alzheimer's disease and healthy aging.
Dr. Howard Peiper

Dr. Howard Peiper

Dr. Peiper is co-host of the award winning Television show, Partners in Healing. They feature guest in the alternative healing

  • The Natural Approach: Introduces underlying causes of ADD and natural, rather than pharmaceutical, solutions that help the body heal.
  • Make up your mind to stay healthy forever for the rest of your life! : The Secrets of Staying Young
  • All Natural High Performance Diet
Valerie Ramsey

Valerie Ramsey

Valerie Ramsey world-famous beauty reveals the best-kept secrets behind her timeless face, toned body, and unstoppable spirit.

  • Mind Power and Practical Advice to Reinvent Your Life
  • Fit, Young & Vital at Every Age
  • Nourish Your Soul & Enrich Your Life
Mike Fredric Roizen, MD

Mike Fredric Roizen, MD

Chief Medical Consultant, The Dr. Oz Show

  • Dr. Roizen is a Past Chair of a Food & Drug Administration advisory committee
  • Dr. Roizen: Anesthesiology & internal medicine

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