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Rulon Gardner

Rulon Gardner

Rulon Gardner – Olympic Gold & Bronze Medalist, Wrestling

  • Never Stop Pushing: How persistence pays off
  • Miracle on the Mat
Matt Ghaffari

Matt Ghaffari

The Olympic Dream and Spirit

  • Awaken the Olympian within / Unleashing the Olympian within you
  • Sports: Greco-Roman Wrestling
  • The Olympic Experience, Lessons for Business & Life
Lloyd W. Keaser

Lloyd W. Keaser

He was the first African-American in the history of amateur wrestling to win a gold medal in a World Wrestling Championship

  • Discover the secrets to the top performer's winning 'State of Mind'.
  • There is no magic bullet: 'no single key to success'.
  • Learn how to overcome failures to ensure future success.
Julian L. Shabazz

Julian L. Shabazz

Little known facts and rarely seen pictures tell the story of some of the most gifted but largely overlooked athletes of all time

  • How to Be a Player (in the game of life)
  • Role and Responsibility of Black Students in the 21st Century
  • The United States vs. Hip-Hop

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